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Xlash Mascara doesn’t contain any synthetic materials or nasty chemicals. The unique formula contains vitamins B5 and E to promote natural eyelash hair growth, while the rich antioxidants in Xlash Mascara give your eyelashes strength and flexibility. The result is smoother, shinier, attention-grabbing eyes.

Weight 8 ml
Dimension 12 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm

Isatis tinctoria seed extract, Citrus reticulata peel extract, Oenothera biennis seed extract, Corallina officinalis extract, Panthenol; Biotin, Tocopherol

Xlash Mascara was developed as a conditioner suitable for daily use to complement usage of Xlash eyelash serum. Made from a unique blend of nourishing ingredient and infused with vitamins E and B5, this Mascara has added conditioning effect to keep eyelash strong and healthy. Together with Xlash eyelash serum, it works to improve growth of your eyelashes.

Xlash Mascara is the perfect ultra-black waterproof mascara that will dramatically frame your eyes and provide great lift all at the same time. Its proven formula multi-tasks to treat each individual lash with care while giving you a longer, darker and thicker set of eyelashes for that subtle day-time look or sultry evening glamour.

It has a soft and smooth texture and it comes with a curved brush which gives your lashes more length and volume. It is very easy to use and with the smart shape of the brush, you can be certain that every lash gets fully applied.

Applying Xlash Mascara is easy too! It has a curved applicator to ensure that you never miss a single eyelash, and the high pigment content makes application simple. Xlash Mascara is the new standard in affordable, professional-quality mascara.

Innovative composition, elegant brush, smooth application, fantastic results and a sleek package at a good price – all of this is a guarantee that Xlash Mascara is the mascara you have been looking for!


  • Waterproof formula
  • Contains vitamins E and B5 to help make every eyelash strong and healthy
  • Ultra black, easy to apply with the contoured applicator
  • Dermatologist tested


For the most effective results, combine Xlash Mascara with Xlash Eyelash Serum. The serum boosts the growth of your eyelashes. Over a one-month period of daily application, your eyelashes will be naturally longer and fuller. Xlash Mascara enhances this effect, making your eyes look as stunningly beautiful as they can be.


Make sure your eyes are clean of make-up and any contact lenses have been removed. It is important to remove all traces of mascara before application.


Using the applicator, apply a thin strip along the line of growth on the upper eyelashes, being careful to steer clear of your eye.


Allow the product to absorb – do not rub into the eyelashes.


Allow the product to absorb – do not rub into the eyelashes.


Allow the product to absorb – do not rub into the eyelashes.


Allow the product to absorb – do not rub into the eyelashes.

All Xlash products are designed to work together harmoniously so that you can see the benefits each day. Xlash Mascara is fantastic for using with the Xlash Eyelash Serum or Xlash Pro Eyelash Serum as the active ingredients provide the healthy nutrients your lashes need to stay strong and long.

Once you have applied your Xlash Eyelash Serum and left to work its magic overnight, your lashes will be primed and ready for you to curl them using the Xlash Eyelash Curler for even more dramatic effects. Once you have your desired lash shape, the application process couldn’t be simpler:

  • Grab your mascara brush being careful not to pump it too much in the tube (this only creates clumps and will ruin your nice new curved brush)
  • Glide the brush up against your lashes from root to tip, with a little curl in your rotation (this ensures your eyelashes are evenly covered)
  • Apply a second coat to add volume, moving the brush toward the temples to keep the look sultry and glamourous
  • Repeat above steps for lower lashes as required, brushing horizontally to prevent an excessive make-up look


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